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We have had to take serious action against spammers who have been attacking this website with unwanted “comments” – absolute rubbish in most cases – so all have been deleted including some who were genuine friends with useful comments.

We are starting afresh. A clean slate. We have taken on a new anti-spam brigade and hope that works to keep us free of the nasty spammers.

Ken Hickson

18 October 2017



Email: ken@fifthavenue.asia



Mobile: +65 8139747

Website: www.fifthavenue.asia

the avenue for creative arts is an on line newsletter which wants to grow into a magazine – print and online. The founder and managing editor is Ken Hickson, who’s been around for a long time and is a true art lover and supporter. While the newsletter promotes the full range of “arts”, Ken has a distinctive bias to the literary arts – writers of books of all sorts (fiction, non-fiction), publishers, books and booksellers and all.  Ken is author of six books himself and contributor to others. He is also a passionate advocate and consultant in the sustainability sector – clean energy, clean tech, energy efficiency, waste management – and brings together he collective interests by promoting Art and Sustainability.

His books titles are:

The Future South (New Zealand) 1980.

Flight 901 to Erebus (New Zealand) 1980

The ABC of Carbon: Issues and Opportunities in a Global Climate Change Environment (Australia) 2009

Forty: Building a Future in Singapore 2013.

Race for Sustainability: Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics (Singapore) 2013

To order/buy this book go to World Scientific Publishing, Singapore or Books Kinokuniya. book cover

Mr SIA: Fly Past (Singapore ) 2014

To order/buy this book – in print or as e-book – go to World Scientific Publishinglatest final cover






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