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By popular demand – or at least from one or two requests! – Ken Hickson has started to provide a service to the arts, artists, writers, arts organisations, publishers, galleries, arts events. Besides giving welcome “free” coverage in the online arts magazine, the avenue for creative arts, its Managing Editor is also available for hire.

Fifth Avenue Media and Editorial Services

has been set up by Ken Hickson to be a “content curator” – to write and edit stories, case studies, articles, website content, promotional pieces, videos, newsletters, blogs, social media outbursts and even books.

Fifth Avenue – Singapore-based but spreading the word throughout the Asia Pacific region – will also act as a distributor of news and information about artists and art events.

Drawing on Ken’s own background as a journalist/editor working in all media, as well as his depth of experience in public relations and his passion for the arts, Fifth Avenue will focus its attention on the arts and education, creative enterprises and industries – large or small.

He has a talented team on hand as well, so no job is too big or too small. Put Fifth Avenue to the test. Ask for a proposal or estimate. See what we can do for you.

Ken Hickson

Email: ken@fifthavenue.asia

Mobile: +65 8139747

Website: www.fifthavenue.asia

the avenue for creative arts is an on line newsletter which wants to grow into a magazine – print and online. The founder and managing editor is Ken Hickson, who’s been around for a long time and is a true art lover and supporter. While the newsletter promotes the full range of “arts”, Ken has a distinctive bias to the literary arts – writers of books of all sorts (fiction, non-fiction), publishers, books and booksellers and all.  Ken is author of six books himself and contributor to others. He is also a passionate advocate and consultant in the sustainability sector – clean energy, clean tech, energy efficiency, waste management – and brings together he collective interests by promoting Art and Sustainability.

His books titles are:

The Future South (New Zealand) 1980.

Flight 901 to Erebus (New Zealand) 1980

The ABC of Carbon: Issues and Opportunities in a Global Climate Change Environment (Australia) 2009

Forty: Building a Future in Singapore 2013.

Race for Sustainability: Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics (Singapore) 2013

To order/buy this book go to World Scientific Publishing, Singapore or Books Kinokuniya. book cover

Mr SIA: Fly Past (Singapore ) 2014

To order/buy this book – in print or as e-book – go to World Scientific Publishinglatest final cover






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